Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking -Black Elk

Month: March, 2013


Earlier in the week we discussed how song writing or lyrics can compare to poetry. I think everyone can agree that song writing is poetry, so there is a complete comparison between the two. Song writing can tell storys and can express emotion. It can paint a picture in your head and leave you wondering what the true meaning behind the words are.
Which is the same with poetry. Its the writers goal to express emotion and share a meaning with the reader/listener.While sometimes only the writer can hold the true meaning or reason of the writing others can give it their own meaning and compare it to their own situations no matter what it may be. Thats the beauty of it



I feel like everyone should have a creative outlook on life. Even if its a minor thing to that person. One should look at things twice and look at things in multiple perspectives. You can be creative with practically everything. Theres no reason why anyone should be bored. Ever. But it happens, thats when you gotta be creative.
Some take part in artforms. Drawing,Music,Painting,etc.but thats definitely not for everyone, those things take time and alot of effort. Not everyone shares the same interests and are into the same things, i get that. But if you dont express yourself then whats the point? Everyones unique and everyone deserves to be thought of for what they truly are, not what they appear or seem to be. So everyone should let people know what they truly feel like and not hold back. Be creative.

Its Simple

If your not happy, change it. Surround yourself with those you care about and those that care about you. Live carelessy. When i say carelessly i mean it in a way of not caring what others think. Do what makes you happy and dont let anyone get in the way of that. If someone is willing to take away something you love then you must ask yourself which is more important.
There are always options and possibilitys, just gotta think about it. Be creative. Take risks and dont hold back. And most importantly just be yourself, dont let others influence your mind and your choices. Be self reliant. There are people who arent happy and intend on taking it out on others but those people have the same choices you do. They can change at any moment, some just need reassurance.

Out There

I wanna travel. Anywhere and everywhere, i think this is mostly due to my lack of traveling considering ive only been out of the state about 5 times. I want to see whats out there. From isolated beaches to packed cities i will go anywhere. This small town keeps me constantly thinking about whats out there and how i could make better use of my time other than sitting around being bored.
I can honestly say my plans after graduating revolve more around travel and experiences other than attending school. Especcially instead of attending school immediately. I wanna see what its like to be somewhere completely different. Different cultures, different beliefs, different points of view i want to see it all. Hopefully i will at least get a glimpse of what i wanna see.