Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking -Black Elk

Month: February, 2013

Fig. Lang.

I feel like figurative language is incredibly vital in a work of literature. For me personally it adds to my interest while reading. It keeps me wondering and constantly trying to figure things out. Whether or not things should be taken literally or if one thing represents another. The possibilitys are endless and in some cases the true 100 percent meaning of things could only be interpreted by the writer.
You have to be aware when reading things full of metaphorical meanings and such. For most things arent what they are clearly stated, you have to be creative and keep an open mind. Do these things and understanding these works that consist of such will become more of an entertainment than an assignment. See things for what they are not.



Photography to me is one of the most interesting things in the world. The fact that you can save a moment forever physically is amazing. It can be of anything, anywhere, at anytime and will still be linked to one single moment that you can never go back to. Although i dont own any high grade cameras i feel like film photography will always be a better option rather than digital.
With film you can hold that picture, its the raw image of what was once there at a specific time at an exact moment. With digital its just a bunch of pixels combined to bring together an image on a screen.
It doesn’t have the “soul” that film does, the natural feel to it. Although i appreciate any form of photography i will always choose film over digital. Truly the best invention ever made.


When first discussing transcendentalism in class i didn’t expect much. Just a big word that wouldn’t contribute to a thing to me. Turns out i was wrong, transcendentalism is revolutionary. its beliefs were made up of things that were despised upon during its time. It suggested that people be self reliant and independent.
To exist without orgainzations (such as dedications to religion or political parties) and be themselves. The belief was that these organizations corrupted the purity of an individual. Personally I believe that transcendentalism was a brilliant thing. To let people know that its alright to be themselves and not have to exist in a group of people who push things on to you.That its alright to look at things differently.


Recently we watched Moby Dick in class. At first i was expecting a stupid, boring whale hunt that displayed no emotion whatsoever. But to my surprise the movie was very intriguing. The first impression i got of the movie was what i described i was expecting but as their journey to hunt down this beast furthered i began to see something.
I examined the captain’s sheer obsession to hunt down this whale. He was willing to risk everything just to kill this thing.It drove him mad, to insanity. His entire life revolved around the giant whale and in the end he lost everything due to obsession.

Friend Or Poe

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most known writers of all time. Recently we have read a few of his works and discussed them in class and they are pure entertainment even for those who arent much on writing (myself being an example.) His work is so dark and melancholic. It tells of violence and disturbance, almost sickening because of poe’s talent to display such a vivid image in the readers head.
His use of detail draws the reader in and captivates them. its almost as if a movie is playing in your head. i personally believe his dark, twisted works are the root of that style of writing. hes definitely played a major role in the world of literature.

Street Surfing

Skateboarding is one of my few interests. And its the only thing im really passionate about. Its different than anything ive ever done, and i feel like classifying it as a sport is wrong. Its never ending, can be done whenever, wherever, with anyone. Has no limits. I feel like it should be classified as more of an artform. it requires creativity and just like any other artform it requires skill to be done right and appreciated for what it is.
Skateboarding has introduced me to tons of people i would have never met otherwise, people who are closest to me. i cant imagine not wanting to skateboard anymore, i never plan on stopping and i dont think that will change. its amazing and i would be miserable without it.